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A day of my life

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Welcome in my brain. The brain of a person who is suffering from anxiety and feels uncomfortable in her own skin. My final concert gives me the opportunity to research deeper and expose my real self. Explore new sounds, new techniques and other aspects of art (f.e. visuals, designs, performance etc.)
I want to experiment and combine different music genres together; music has no boundaries or rules.
My goal is to make people feel and hopefully trigger them to look into themselves.

Artist statement

I believe that every artist has something to say in their own sweet ways. I guess what makes my work unique, is the way I present my work and the work itself.


In 5 years, I would like to be the best version of myself, in both my personal and artistic life. I want my life to be full of music, write music, produce music, release music, travel all around the world and play music. Meet, learn and explore with other artists.

Learned during the studies

During my studies, I've met a lot of people, full of passion and love for the art, which was my main goal. I also learned to swim in the wild ocean and keep swimming until I reach the shore.