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Cupid into Transmutation

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Cupid into transmutation is an interactive animation, that has to be viewed alone in the installation booth. The movie follows a transgender boy named Caesar living in a big city. On the run from his traumatic past he makes a living as a camboy. Until he is suddenly sent into hysteria as his body starts to violently morph and transform beyond all recognition. Help him in his search for acceptance and identity in a violent world, focused on normality and outer beauty. In this film I aimed to express my own experiences as a trans individual, and explore my fascination with hedonism, the divine, and sexuality.

Artist statement

Im a 23 year old visual artist, working from Utrecht and Arnhem. I make dynamic and experimental work, that focuses on imagination, recognisability, and raw emotion. In my work I mix humor and naivety with explicit imagery and LGBT+ thematics.
My main passion lies in illustration and animation using a colourful mix of traditional and digital media. But I like to dabble and experiment in visual art of any kind. As a transgender person of colour, I make edgy, underground work for the underdogs. I take inspiration from the city, nightlife, friends, anime, and early 2000’s cartoons, to show worlds, stories and people that remain hidden in most mainstream media.


In five years time I aim to live as an independent artist, and try my hand at many different art forms and disciplines. I loved studying animation, and I see it as a gateway to more collaborative and experimental forms of creativity. I would love to make more art together with others, and use creativity to benefit connection and friendship in the communities around me. I want to delve into my interests and obsessions, and hope to show my future audiences sights they have never seen before.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I have learned during my study, is that I seem to be way more of an extrovert and an entertainer than I had initially thought. I love animation, but I think there is a lot of room left for experimentation in this work field! Collaborations, installations, projections, virtual reality, there are many ways to expand on the traditional idea of an animated film, and I would love to experiment more with this in the future.