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Fathoms Found

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Welcome to Fathom's Found, crowdsourced space exploration. At Fathom's Found you will be operating one of our many rover drones that we have send out across the cosmos in search of resources and discovery. You will be tasked with exploring the alien planet and finding any valuable resources it may possess. You will encounter strange materials and maybe even stranger creatures and that might be the key to the planet's most valuable resources.

Artist statement

I am an artist that likes to dabble in creating fantastical worlds and characters.
I love making weird characters and telling stories that jostle creativity!


I want to become an Art Director at a company that really puts creative and experimental projects first, I have the desire to tell stories that inspire others to tell their own.

Learned during the studies

During my education at the HKU the most important thing I have learned is the power of planning and redefining boundaries in projects. I tend to think WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too big, so it helps to be a little bit more self-aware and productive on the planning side of things.
Also you're still an artist when you're not actively making art, taking time for yourself and immersing yourself in something is also a process of being an artist.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

I have mainly worked on school projects and have no actually published titles except: