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Playing with Subconscious Preferences

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What if a game adapted to the way you process stress? In science, there are two well-established stress response mechanisms: “Fight or Flight” and more recently “Tend and Befriend”. My game, Scoot Coot, measures whichever is currently dominant for you in an accessible and broadly applicable manner. Based on what comes out on top, you are presented one of two game experiences… the one that should be more satisfying for you.

Artist statement

I am a core gameplay designer inspired by nature and with an interest in psychology and behaviour. I am also fascinated by emergent gameplay: the infinite varieties of experiences that arise when a player interacts with a set of rules (i.e. a game). I want to embrace the unique personality of each player in pursuit of making their experiences more tailored and more satisfying.


In five years I see myself as a lead game designer in a small/medium-sized team for an entertainment game company in Paris. I've enjoyed living in France for a big part of my life and there are many opportunities for me there!

Learned during the studies

  • Being curious towards everything and looking at the world through the lens of a designer: “How does this work? How is this inspiring? How could it be improved?"
  • Games are a key to intrinsic motivation.
  • Fail fast and often! "Failure is an opportunity to grow" and it gives stories and experiences to share. So pick a direction and go!

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Turtle Turmoil
Wol in One
The Lost Silhouette