Ander maatschappelijk thema


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In my project I look for the physical reaction of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Where are
we in ecstasy, what does one need for this and: what does it do to our body?
I want to combine this visual research with other forms of media, such as sound.
I am always in ecstatic environments, because of my ADD I recognize ecstasy and the physical postures less well. I can't properly link a facial expression to an emotion, so people always have to be very clear with me in their emotion. This has always intrigued me.

Artist statement

My work is about movements. I’m all over the place, and so is my art. It’s always a kick in the nuts. It needs to shock. My creations aren’t attached to one medium. It’s life that makes the creation. Works include a photographic development, photograph or scanned drawing. Therefore I have to let things loose. The essence of the works is that they are happening around me. Life comes towards me, and I make art from it.


international exhibition

Learned during the studies

finding myself