Artistieke prestatie

The not knowing

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"We need to empty our cup to fill it again"

A mango is a mango, but the thought of a mango is a thought and the image of mango is an image. Take away all the thoughts and images and the mango still exists. So, the thoughts and images are not the same as a real mango. They can illustrate or refer to those objects. The same is true of something intangible, like a principle. The thought of gravity is not the same as gravity. And the same is true of a self. The thought
of a self is not the same as a self—or is it?

Artist statement

I don't know

That's OK

It is ok to not know

“Knowing” can be useful, but learning not to know is what fascinates me; which creates a powerful openness until it is experienced. This research is my personal approach to the fact that frequently, I feel imprisoned in my own views about things, which eventually leads to the fact that what I experience is not the direct, external one, but filtered through my own perceptions and consciousness. And embracing "the not knowing" for me creates an opportunity for qualitative analysis that is not as readily apparent when individual subjects, scenarios, or objects are considered.
"The not knowing" helps me to become more flexible, more open, and willing to question my ordinary assumptions about how I perceive the world and myself. Being willing to not know means I have to take a step to surrender all that I think I know, and all that I believe is true. When I open in this way, I create a space to
experience what is actually true, and from there on, anything can come to light.


To create a safe space where people can embrace the not knowing. A space where you learn to "unlearn" and develop new insight about the subjects that you already know. This not only helps you to perceive the performance better; but through the performance, you will learn to perceive the world and yourself better by not having all the answers readily apparent. Because every time you surrender to experience what is in front of you - your own ability to look into your own experience is always available, which eventually leads - "To perceive oneself while perceiving"

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The process of creating something is much more crucial than the outcome