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Where Do I End and You Begin?

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Our contemporary lives are thoroughly designed, organized and defined. If we are to be more connected to our spaces, perhaps we need to abandon the hyper rationality that sets us apart from the environment, getting rid of our conditioned frameworks. Wanting to examine the performative qualities of everyday scenes, Wietske Flederus appropriates the dramaturgy of the tour guide as a way to alter the general consensus of the definition of things.
By doing so, the tour guide plays with different given ‘codes’ and structures encountered in everyday life, and questions that what is the essence of tour guiding; ‘pointing at things and naming them’- to utilize this, turn it around and question itself. Wietske sees ‘the tour’ as a scenographic tool to position the spectator in the in-between; an opportunity to mediate on the point of where I end and you begin and open up automatic constructs by proposing a rearrangement through employing different perspectives.

On the verge of knowing and not knowing, reality and fiction, witnessing and performing, being a part of something and standing outside of it; a state of floating in the in-between.
Through practicing un-seeing and un-knowing, Wietske Flederus’ work Where Do I End and You Begin? explores different choreographies, formations, meanings and realities with the Saint Joseph Church and its visitors.

Artist statement