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We build and build, but eventually it all turns to ruin. I see this hubris symbolized in the archetype of the tower. In my work, this process is translated into the visual relationship between sketch and execution. The photographic work shows fictional dig sites and impossible models. The sculptures are made of construction materials like chipboard and concrete. In the presentation, scale and perspective are exaggerated and sometimes even become unrecognizable and disorienting. This is all done to further emphasize the constructed nature of the work. This compulsive drive to construct is a kind of zugzwang (A compulsion to move when it is it is to one’s disadvantage). By making the work, it too will inevitably turn to ruin. 

Artist statement

My work has come to revolve around an intuitive interpretation of manmade spaces, architecture and design among them. I am fascinated by repetition in form, as for example expressed in grids and other geometrical figures. In my work I establish visual connections with history and the archetypical forms I see when experiencing my environment. My body of work so far consists of photographic works, sculptures, drawings and installations—all touching on the broad theme of the perception of the built environment.

Scale and perspective are exaggerated and sometimes even unrecognizable and disorienting. Models and sculptures are photographed, turning these spacious and multidimensional objects into a flat surface. Sculptures are built out of construction materials like, chipboard and concrete. All too further emphasize the constructed nature of the subjects.


To start my autonomous practice. Participate in Open Calls and residencies. Self organise exhibitions.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

Trust the process.

Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

In Between Us - IMPAKT Festival - Academie Galerie, Utrecht

Eigen Domein - Lou Oudenoord, Utrecht

Sometimes a Photograph - Artides - Voormalig Gerechtsgebouw , Amsterdam