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'Let's not waste the gold of our body'.

Nowadays we are increasingly investing in self-sustainable systems to preserve human mankind. We are searching for the best inventions to rejuvenate ourselves, while we forget to dive into our essence. Sometimes the solution is closer than you think. Every day we produce body liquids, and U’RE IN breaks the taboo of using them. In this interactive performative installation, I research how I can sell my liquid gold, and use branding to influence consumer behavior.

Vandaag de dag wordt er steeds meer geïnvesteerd in self-sustainability om de mensheid te beschermen. In plaats van te kijken naar de essentie zijn wij continue op zoek naar de beste bevindingen om onszelf jong te houden. Soms ligt een oplossing dichter bij dan je denkt. Elke dag produceren wij lichaamsvloeistoffen en U’RE IN doorbreekt het taboe om deze vloeistoffen te gebruiken.

Artist statement

In performances and installations I comprehend social dilemmas. I capture my surrounding with analogue photography, as a way to understand my thoughts. Often these reflections develop into a starting point of a project. Within my work, where time and change are central, I open these subjects for discussion with the viewer.


After I am graduated in a little while I want to move to another country to do my masters there. When I am finished with that I want to start working as an artist in installation art and photography. I also hope to work with different artists to explore different fields and inspire each other.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

The most important thing I have learned during my studies is working together with different disciplines. I learned how I can bring in my individual skills, take different rolls within a body of people, as well as how to take a step back, connect, associate and add on during the conversations. With the class we had a lot of group projects and still help each other during individuals projects. They inspired me a lot during these four years.